The Roles Of Chemical Hauling Companies in Alberta

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August 6, 2016

The Roles Of Chemical Hauling Companies in Alberta

Transportation of bulky chemicals requires highly trained and experienced hauling companies. You do not want to face unnecessary consequences during transportation due to unprofessionalism. There’s Tiger Calcium, a great chemical hauling companies in Alberta that offer great services for their customers. The companies are a good choice for anyone who wishes to transport any kind of chemical substance because these companies are the very best.


The companies have a great dispatch system that ensures that your products can be moved from one point to another with great convenience. They are capable of transporting to various regions both with Alberta and other regions within Canada. They achieve one of the toughest tasks of delivering the goods to the right places with cost minimizations. The fact that the chemical substances are highly reactive, corrosive, sensitive and combustible increases their risk of transport which they have managed to prevent and put under control.


To ensure that they do not miss the destination, their trucks are equipped with up to date GPS technologies which ensure that they receive the actual information required. The drivers are highly trained and experienced, thus enhancing efficiency. Unlike other companies, the drivers are constantly enrolled for incentive programs which motivate and equip them accordingly.


Safe movement of all types of chemical substances such as acids, detergents and fuels is the core of chemical hauling companies in Alberta. This is achieved by the use of specific equipment for various products. These companies understand the importance of equipment knowledge and specialization in transportation. In addition, they also have a variety of stainless tanks, which allow them to transport bulky substances without making several trips. To the advantage of clients, there is a maximization of the payload.


These companies also comply with the health, safety, security, and the environment (HSSE), which applies to all chemical hauling companies and aimed at regulation of safety. All drivers carry placards that indicate the contents in their tankers as required by the federal laws. The law also requires them to have certificates indicting that they have undergone training of handling such substances.


These companies also have warehouses that meet the requirements as stated by the law. They are constructed in such a way that they provide safety measures in case of fire outbreaks. For instance, they are surrounded by berms which provide protection whenever the chemicals leak. In addition, the companies are insured against any of the many risks involved in transportation of chemicals. Therefore, in case of any accidents the clients are compensated for their loss.

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