Out of the Ordinary Things To Do in Canada

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August 6, 2016
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September 21, 2016

Out of the Ordinary Things To Do in Canada

Most tourists who visit certain countries often do the most touristy adventures. In the case of Canadian visitors it would be visiting the Niagara Falls or the CN Tower. Others always go for food trips to sample what the North American country has to offer. Although these activities are fun, you may want to try out of the ordinary thing to do in Canada.

Yes! There are some eccentric activities you could when you visit Canada. Here is a list of these things you may want to try:

  1. Seek a Pack of Wolves and Howl with Them

This may be a no-no in other countries. However, for Canadians and some daredevil visitors, looking for a pack of wolves and howling with them is a common activity. If you are tired of the usual travel itinerary, you might want to head to Canada in August or September to experience this extremely non-traditional pursuit. Head to the Algonquin Park with your own pack.Wait as the park rangers call out the wolves by howling. You can howl along with them. After the call out, car caravans are led to see the wolves in their habitat. If you want to howl with the wolves, it is free of charge. But if you want to see them, you have to pay a certain amount.

  1. Discover Dinosaur Remains

This is one of the best things to do in Canada especially if you are going with the kids. Compared to museums housing dinosaur fossils, a trip to Drumheller is surely yawn-free. The best time to visit is during the summer, although the Dinosaur Valley is open all throughout the year. The said location is where the very first dinosaurs where unearthed during the 19th century. The trip to Drumheller includes museum visit. At the Dinosaur Provincial Park, you will find paleontologists still digging for dinosaur fossils. You just have to buy tickets in advance because the place can get really packed in the summer.

  1. Ocean Floor Stroll

From May to October, you can visit the Bay of Fundy to stroll across the ocean floor. Is this for real? Yes! You can actually walk on the bay’s floor on a low tide, when all the water recedes. As you walk around the bay, you will find fossils and stunning rock formations concealed by water most of the time. Just remember that when water rises up to your ankles, it is time to say goodbye to the spectacular wonder of nature.

  1. Viking Experience

The first settlers of Canada are the Vikings from Europe thousands of years ago. One of the most suggested activity when going to Canada is a trip to the L’anse aux Meadows, which is a National Historic Site. The travel will take you to a picturesque route filled with iceberg sightings and history. A lesson about the Viking occupants in Canada is told at the Viking Interpretive Centre and if you want to dine with the Vikings, head to the Norstead. Here, you will find a replica of the settlement’s trade port. You can even wield an axe or two while there. The best times to visit this Canadian spot are between June and October.

Don’t be bored with the monotony of tourist travel. With these interesting things to do in Canada, you will surely have the most unexpected trip of your life.

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